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Clearwater Lake Fishing League Rules 2017  

1.   League philosophy- Fishing League is all about learning the lakes and having fun!

2.   Fishing is every other Thursday night 6 pm – 9 pm.  No pre-fishing for league night fish species on day of league night. (At first night of league we will determine which species we fish the rest of the summer). 

3. League night dates will be:

                   May 11th      --     Crappie

                  May 25th      --     Walleye

                   June 8 th     --     Walleye or Sunfish  (Will vote 1st night)

                June 22th       --     Bass  

                 July 6th         --      Northern

                July 20th        --     Sunfish

                August 3rd      --     Bass

   August 17th     --     Northern

  August 31st       --    Crappie

      September 14th     --    Walleye


4. Lakes included are Otter, Augusta, Grass and Clearwater.

5.   2 person teams, may have  substitutes, but one of the original partners must be in boat. You can have one person fishing in boat if partner is unavailable.

6.   Point system:  Point system will be in 10 pt increments for total weight. 1st= 80 pts,  2nd= 70 pts, 3rd= 60pts,  4th=50pts,  5th=40pts,  6th=30pts,  7th=20pts, 8th=10pts.  2 points will be deducted for each dead fish. Teams will receive 5 pts for showing up, even if they don't have any fish to weigh in. Teams also will recieve 5 points for catching target species fish. 

7.   Top five single fish get bonus pts. 1st =50pts,  2nd =40pts,  3rd= 30pts,  4th=20pts,  5th=10pts

8.   Teams may keep fish, but league would prefer catch and release program.

9.   Bill or bait shop employee will be doing official weigh-in. 

10.    Bad weather will be voted on day of league night by 3 pm.

11.    Entry fee for league is $100.00 per team (Entry fee not set in stone). 

                                1st Place wins 50% of entry fees

                                   2nd Place wins 25% of entry fees

                                   3rd Place wins 15% of entry fees

                                     4th Place wins 10% of entry fees 


12.  Teams will get 15 bonus bonus points for really big fish (Anything weighing on or over these amounts).

                                Walleye          8 lbs.

                                      Sunfish            1 lb.

                                      Crappie           1.25 lbs.

                                      Northern         10 lbs.

                                        Bass              5 lbs. 


 13.  limits for league weigh-in. But may have more in boat, and off night species.

            Walleye             3 fish        

            Sunfish             10 fish     

            Crappie             5 fish        

            Northern          2 fish         

            Bass                   3 fish        


14. Any disagreements will be put to vote


15.  State of MN rules will be abided by


16.  All individuals will not hold BJ’s Bait & Tackle LLC responsible for any accidents.


17.   Individuals understand that their picture and points will possibly be on the internet, newspaper, possibly tv, and chart in bait shop.


18. League members will get 15% off live bait purchases the night of league.