Tournament Rules
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  1. Tournament is set for Sat. Sept. 8th, 2018, starting 8 am to 3pm. 100 boats allowed. All boats will leave in team number order, and must be on the docks at 3pm. Lottery will be held September 2nd, 2018, for team #’s at 4pm (bait shop) for teams already signed up. First come first serve basis after drawing. Call after 7pm to verify team #. Entry fee is $100 per team. In the event of inclement weather or unsafe conditions determined by sponsor, payout will be by lottery, one ticket per team.
  2. All laws of the state of Minnesota will be abided by. Any deviations may lead to contest termination, and 1 year suspension from BJ’s tournaments.  Question? Call 320-274-3730
  3. No team is allowed to touch other boats, shore, or docks. All teams must stay 15 ft from other boats, shore, and docks. If your team needs to come ashore, come back to headquarters dock, at BJ’s Bait, unless unsafe weather.
  4. Teams may consist of 1,2 or 3 people per boat. Third team member must be under 18 years of age. This is to promote “Take a Kid Fishing.” If 3rd member looks older than 18, please bring proof of age. Limit of fish allowed to be weighed is the same (3).
  5. Limit of northerns weighed for this tournament is 3 per boat, no more than 3 are allowed to be weighed. Minimum length is 26”. Prizes are based on total weight, except for largest single northern. Weigh station will be ready at 10 am. 
  6. Tags will identify you team #’s. Tags must be visible during tournament and to receive winnings.
  7. There will be patrol boats and people on shore watching. What they say goes!
  8. All navigable lakes will be fishable for tournament. This includes: Clearwater, Grass (not past dam), Otter, and Augusta (not past mouth of the river inlet).
  9. Any deviations of rules may lead to termination of your team in tournament, and one year suspension from BJ’s fishing tournaments. Bill will have final say! No refunds of entry fee. Questions? Call 320-274-3730
  10. Team must be entered before flight leaves (8 am Sept. 8th, 2018), or when 100 teams have signed up.
  11. Total weight ties will be broken by biggest single fish and biggest single fish ties will be broken by total weight.
  12. BJ’s Bait & Tackle LLC is not responsible for any accidents on lake or on land. Also, BJ’s Bait is not responsible for lost or stolen items, all contestants are responsible for their own actions and understanding rules. Question?  Call 320-274-3730
  13. Cash prizes are based on full field. If not, based on percentage entered, per category respectfully.
  14. Application must be filled out and signed

Liability Release: Please Read Before Signing/Entering Tournament

By signing/entering this tournament, I agree that I am voluntarily participating in BJ's 20th Annual Northern Tournament. I agree to assume all risk of injury, death or loss of personal property, which may result from my participation in this tournament. I hereby release & forever discharge BJ's Bait & Tackle LLC, its affiliates, sponsors, volunteers & guests from all claims liabilities, damages or loss of any kind resulting from my involvement in this tournament or caused by the negligence, strict liability or other fault, actions, inactions, or conduct of the released parties. I further agree to abide by all tournament rules and to accept as final and binding all decisions of the tournament judges.

As a participant in this event, I understand that a photograph or videotape of me may be taken during the course of the tournament. I agree that any photo, video, or likeness of me may be used for commercial use by tournament organizers, sponsors, and/or news media without royalties or prior consent, unless specified in the writing prior to the event start.

Access/Parking Procedure: There must be 8 spots left open at each public access. MN DNR owns the Bay Club parking lot so you may park vehicles and trailers there. Please use fee access on Hwy 24. There will be no designated parking or shuttle bus.

Register Procedure: Bring your boat to BJ’s Bait docks.  Team member(s) comes to registration table to tell who they are. Then inspector will take your team #’s and follow you to your boat for inspection. Then you will receive your team # tags. Must have tags visible at all times. Must have tags for weigh-in and to receive cash award. Once your inspected and have team #’s please ease off of docks to make room for other contestants, but stay inside of anchored start off pontoon.

Weigh-In Procedure: Come to weigh station for fish bag, if needed, contestant may use their own. Fish must be alive, and caught day of tournament. 2 lb. deduction for each dead fish. Contestant will put fish in a bag and get in line. Once fish are weighed, you will receive a receipt and have a choice to keep fish or let them go. If you keep them we will put them in a bag with your team # and give them back to you after all teams have weighed-in. If you let them go, someone will take care of them.  Don’t weigh-in before 10 am. 


Door Prizes: Every time you buy something over $1.00 from BJ’s you will receive a ticket, on the back of the ticket please put your name and team #. Tickets will start one week before contest, September 1st, 2018. Your team must be entered in tournament. This is for 3 cash prizes of $150 each, 1 cash prize of $100, and other door prizes