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BJ's Bait and Tackle LLC Marina

Our Marina has 56 slips. We rent out slips for a season. 
The Marina season is May 1st to October 1st. 

North side of the Marina

Slips are $700 for the season. If you have a lift your boat can sit on that. If you have no lift, we require what is called the 'pole system.' We can provide poles for an extra $150 or you can get your own poles and we can show you how to do it, it's pretty easy. 

Please see the photos below to see a pontoon using the pole system and what the poles look like without a boat tied to them.  

Poles with no boat tied up.

The boats are tied to the poles, NOT our docks. The poles also are used as boat bumpers so that your watercraft does not rub up against our dock or dock poles.

Poles with a Pontoon tied up.

If there is room on one of our docks we can do overnight docking. It is $10 a night to dock, $75 a week to dock and/or $175 per month. This is provided we have openings available.